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About D3 - B Series

D3-B family is the upgrade version of D3 family, running DOCSIS 3.0 and C-DOCSIS protocol. The D3-B family includes the following  forms of CMTS: compact rack-mount type (1U), high-density type(3U), outdoor type and D-node type.

The benefits of D3-B family over D3 family are listed as follows:

◆ Upgrade from Dual core to Quad core processor for data forwarding;

◆ Upgrade from DDR2 to DDR3 RAM;

◆ Improved power management;

◆ Migrate to Linux operating system;

With these changes, the D3-B family provides faster forwarding capabilities and larger throughput for IP packet (especially smaller size packet or fragment packet are optimized).

All D3-B family products implement CMTS channel bonding technology, providing up to 16 QAM channels with total 1Gbps for DS (downstream), and up to 4 QPSK/QAM channels with total 160 Mbps for US (upstream). The DS can be easily configured to run as either data channel or IPQAM channel. It provides both electrical (RJ45) and optical (SFP, 1.25Gbps) connection for data forwarding. D3-B family also implements layer 3 routing  function,  QoS,  DHCP/TFTP servers, and DHCP relay.

Users have 2 management methods, including CLI withTelnet and Web interface.

◆ Users can use CLI by login with Telnet (direct connection to the CMTS).

◆ Users can remote login to the CMTS embedded web interface through internet.

D3-B family is capable to run with DOCSIS 3.0/2.0 cable modems, set-top boxes (built-in with modems) and eMTA.

Related products

JH-HE3416B is a 19 inches, 1U rack- mount CMTS of D3-B family. It is designed for Headend access network, dedicated for indoor deployment. JH-HE3416B is aperfect CMTS for small to medium access network, providing the right solution for ISPs who have a lower number of clients. Benefitting from the new features of D3-B family such as high throughput, better QoS, JH-HE3416B can not only provide high bandwidth internet service, but also prefer solution for bandwidth and latency sensitive video services like IPTV and VOD.

JH-HE3416B is a highly cost effective, compact, easy to install and configure CMTS.

JH-F3416B is the outdoor CMTS of D3-B series, it is customized for those networks which deploy CMTS on optical nodes, it can be installed in simple machine room, sharing box even wall hanging. It has all core D3 functions and high performance, added more RF port in order to connect current optical equipment. It has features of Chassis cooling mode, fan free rain-proof , mute operation. The data port can connect upward to GE/Ethernet /GPON. As to RF port, there are two types: Independent DS&US Ports, 4 Input & 4 Output Ports.

The Outdoor CMTS forward lead the data signal and tv signal mixture from the machine room to optical node, narrowed the upstream funnel and reduced the noise interference accordingly. It can rapidly cover and connect all users without reconstructing original optical network structure and save original investment.

JH-CK6-3416B is a 19 inches, 3U form factor Rack-mountable CMTS from D3-B families. It is designed for Headend access network, dedicated for indoor deployment. It contains 1 Controller board and up to 6 expansion slots for CMC boards. The CMC boards are responsible for handling the DOCSIS 3.0 protocol while the Controller is responsible for CMC management, data forwarding and routing. JH-CK6-3416B allows users to choose the number of CMC boards (Online Insertion and Removal) according to the number of clients. JH-CK6-3416B can provide bandwidth up to 4.8 Gigabit per second with DS (downstream), and 960 Megabit per second with US(upstream), which allows maximum of 3,000 users online simultaneously.

JH-CK6-3416B is a highly cost effective CMTS perfect for medium to large access network.With pay as you grow performance, JH- CK6-3416B allows you to increase the bandwidth capacity when needed. By offering dual redundant AC power supply and hot- plugging cooling fans, it minimizes the possible system outage duration.

JH-DN3416B is the latest version of D-Node, a multi-task outdoor node integrated with CMTS, CATV optical receiver, and ONU. D-Node has two fiber optical ports for upper link to the data center, one for CATV fiber, and the other is for IP traffic. D-Node has four RF ports for cable connection which connect to the access network.D-Node is responsible for CATV signal optical-to-electrical conversion, IP traffic optical- to-electrical conversion, as well as mixing the IP traffic with CATV signal. D-Node is also known as “Multi-task optical node” for this reason.

The CMTS module integrated inside the JH-DN3416B is from D3-B family, running DOCSIS 3.0. It contains SFP optical port and 1G RJ45 port.

ONU module is optional for D-Node, which is compatible withGE/EPON/GPON.

D-Node contains built-in 1GHz CATV optical receiver and amplifier. With programmable balance and fading control, and optional real-time spectrum analysis module, remote control can be achieved.

JH-DN3416B is a perfect replacement for existing optical node system,which simplifies the network topology and fulfills the Internet requirements for HFC network. With its outstanding network performance and safety features, JH-DN3416B provides the best solution for HFC triple play.

JH-F3416B is the outdoor version CMTS from D3-B family. It is design to deploy in a harsher environment other than datacenter/headend, such as hanging on the outside wall of the client side building. JH-F3416B has all the core features from D3-B family, plus additional RF ports to support more connection with other optical equipments in the network. JH- F3416B can be connected to GE/EPON/GPON for its upper links. The RF port can have two different options as the applicant vary: 1) DS/US Separate Output Port or 2) 4 Input & 4 Output Port (see ‘application topology’ part in this document). The JH-F3416B case is water proof, and could provide the cooling for the system. Without the need for cooling fans, JH-F3416B is much quieter.